TRIBUTE TO WOMEN OF MUSIC featuring The Monday Night Allstars, Tyler Ramsey, Matrimony, Ancient Cities, Reeve Coobs, Elonzo Wesley, Bassh, Evergone, It's Snakes, Māya Beth Atkins, Lisa De Novo & more!

To benefit the Levine Children's Hospital

TRIBUTE TO WOMEN OF MUSIC featuring The Monday Night Allstars, Tyler Ramsey, Matrimony, Ancient Cities, Reeve Coobs, Elonzo Wesley, Bassh, Evergone, It's Snakes, Māya Beth Atkins, Lisa De Novo & more!

Fri, June 29, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Neighborhood Theatre

Charlotte, NC


Valid ID required for entry into venue - Under 18 permitted with parent.

Accepted forms of ID: State Issued ID or Driver's License, Military ID, Passport.


Tonight's Artist will pay tribute to: Aretha Franklin, Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac, Annie Lennox, Gillian Welch, Bonnie Raitt, Blondie, The Cranberries, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett & many more!!

Tribute To Women Of Music To Benefit Levine Children's Hospital

The Charlotte music community comes together again for the 11th Tribute To Benefit Levine Children's Hospital at NODA's Neighborhood Theatre on Friday, June 29th. Organized and created by local musician, Justin Fedor (The New Familiars/Ancient Cities), the concert series has raised almost $50,000 for the hospital and this time around, bands will pay tribute to Women Of Music.

A $10 suggested donation will go to benefit the hospital. The concert showcases some of best acts from Charlotte and beyond: The Monday Night Allstars, Tyler Ramsey, Matrimony, Ancient Cities, Bassh, Reeve Coobs, It’s Snakes, Evergone, Elonzo Wesley, Māya Beth Atkins, & Lisa De Novo. Fans will also get a chance to join the fun on stage during set changes with karaoke hosted by Bryan Pierce (Bone Snug ‘N Harmony host).

Tonight's Artist will pay tribute to: Aretha Franklin, Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac, Annie Lennox, Gillian Welch, Bonnie Raitt, Blondie, The Cranberries, Pat Benatar & many more!!

Thanks to our sponsors who help make this show possible:
Fedor, MaxxMusic, Neighborhood Theatre, Birdsong, Cheers Charlotte, Cardinal Restoration, Joe Sweeney, & Ink Floyd.

The Monday Night Allstars
The Monday Night Allstars
The All-Stars were a Monday night tradition at The Double Door Inn.

It all came about when Les Moore said "How ’bout me getting a few of my buddies (also some of the best Charlotte musicians) together to form a band to play off-night Monday night?" And The Double Door Inn said go for it! Never in the history of the Charlotte music scene has a group come on so strong to draw a crowd and develop a fan base on a Monday night. Most people thought it could never happen on Mondays in Charlotte.

The MNAS's, band members offer up their take on a variety of cover songs (the set list runs the gamut from Bob Marley to Earth, Wind & Fire). A diverse, and often large, crowd will dance and sing along, sometimes dropping their jaws at the talent that's present on stage. They don't call them "All-Stars" for nothing.

Shana Blake -Vocals
Ziad Rabie - Sax
Rick Blackwell - Bass & Vocals
Jim Brock - Percussion
Dustin Hofsess - Guitar & Vocals
Chris Allen - Drums & Vocals
Praised by NPR, Stereogum, WNYC and The Huffington Post, Tyler Ramsey is a multi-instrumentalist equally at home playing guitar, piano, keyboards, bass and percussion, but is best known as a talented finger-style guitarist and singer-songwriter.

In addition to having released three acclaimed solo albums, Ramsey is perhaps most immediately recognizable, until his recent departure, as the guitarist and a co-writer in Band Of Horses, having played with them since 2007, prior to the release of their breakthrough album, "Cease To Begin." A well-established and acclaimed guitar player and singer in the burgeoning western North Carolina music scene, where he calls home, he first learned to play music on piano before moving to the guitar. Ramsey grew up listening to and studying country-blues guitar players like Mance Lipscomb and Mississippi John Hurt, and American finger pickers like John Fahey and Leo Kottke, absorbing their sound and making it all his own.

His fourth solo album, which was recorded in Louisville, Kentucky, during tour downtime and completed this past summer, is set for release in 2018. The new songs are lush and full, and realized with help from a list of friends old and new, adding gorgeous vocal harmonies, strings, and guitar counterpoints.
It’s said that a great band is like a gang or perhaps a family, united by music, sweat, passion, and blood. That is certainly the case with Matrimony, an exhilarating new band whose interpersonal connections run far deeper than your average combo. Fronted by the husband and wife duo of Ashlee Hardee Brown and Jimmy Brown, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based band are accompanied by Hardee Brown’s talented brothers, Jordan and CJ, resulting in an intuitive collaboration that is both immediately affective and utterly their own. “MONTIBELLO DRIVE,” the band’s eagerly anticipated debut album, takes its title from the Hardee family abode, a bucolic homestead where multiple generations of friends and family all sang and played together. Fraught with collaborative chemistry and determined artlessness, songs like “Last Love” and “Obey Your Guns” ring out with Matrimony’s astonishing communal spirit, their tight harmonies and intuitive musical telepathy born of true love and a shared lifetime.

“We have this understanding among each other that we don’t always have to communicate with words,” says Hardee Brown. “And that just naturally comes out when we’re all in the same room, making music together.”

The Northern Irish-born Brown initially made his way to the States via China, accompanying a real estate developer friend on a business trip that wound up in Charlotte. He played guitar in a fellow Belfast ex-pat’s band while simultaneously working on his own songs with a rotating roster of local musicians. One of them, a certain Jordan Hardee, suggested Brown meet his sister Ashlee, herself a gifted singer/songwriter. The two hit it off from the jump, co-writing a song their very first time together, ultimately tying the knot in July 2010 in North Carolina. As they continued to pursue their respective musical careers, both soon realized that there was little point traveling separate roads when they should in fact be sharing the journey.

“It really wasn’t about anything other than us wanting to be together,” Brown says. “We realized that there wasn’t much point in being together if we were both going to do music separately. So we decided to make music together.”

Matrimony began their musical life as a duo, performing in clubs and cafes around Charlotte. Brown veered from electric guitar to acoustic, while Hardee Brown adapted her indie influences to fit a folkier frame. 2010’s “THE STORM & THE EYE” EP was quickly recorded, earning the couple considerable local acclaim for their melding of rock, country, gospel, and the great Irish and American folk traditions. To replicate the EP on stage, Matrimony absorbed other musicians and friends into their live sets, coalescing with the official membership of Ashlee’s brothers CJ (banjo, mandolin) and the aforementioned Jordan on drums.

“Both my brothers put their own spin on it, just with their own talents and musical abilities,” Hardee Brown says. “Once we finally found that mesh, the band took the course we’d always imagined it would.”

Matrimony performed relentlessly, sharing the stage with a diverse range of acts from Langhorn Slim to Passion Pit. They refined their distinctive sound by cutting a series of demos, both at home as well as with producer (and Interpol drummer) Sam Fogarino at his Normal Studio in Athens, Georgia. In July 2012, the band headed for Nashville to finally begin their full-length debut, this time with Jay Joyce (Brandi Carlile, Cage the Elephant, Eric Church) at the helm. The sessions had barely gotten underway when a mighty summer storm hit Music City and almost put the kibosh on the entire project.

“We were in the studio and this huge BANG happened,” Brown says. “Everybody’s ears popped, but we knew it was just lightning so we just kept working.”

When Matrimony and Joyce eventually emerged, they were shocked to discover that the lightning strike had in fact sparked a tiny fire in a bird’s nest on the home studio’s rain gutter. Five smoldering hours later, the eave was well and truly ablaze.

“I jumped up on the roof with a hose and we started trying to put it out,” Brown says. “But the flames would not go down, they were just getting higher, so we jumped off and called the fire brigade. By the time they got there the whole roof was on fire.”

Matrimony returned to Charlotte while the studio was repaired, reconvening in September to resume recording. Fortunately, the sessions went without further natural disaster, with Joyce capturing the band’s on-stage intimacy by recording most of the album live in the studio.

“It was really enjoyable,” Brown says. “It felt like we were recording downstairs at our friend’s house. I think Jay understood where we were coming from. It felt like he was another band member really.”

The songs of “MONTIBELLO DRIVE” reverberate with memory and feeling, embodied in both the band’s layered instrumental interplay as well as the Browns’ individual talents for powerful, evocative lyricism.

“This record kind of sums up where we’ve been,” Hardee Brown says. “We all grew a lot, just living there, so there’s a lot of emotion that runs through the songs.”

Brown points to his beloved’s haunting “Giant” as the album’s defining moment. “There’s just some kind of magic on that one,” he says. “Everything about it, the words are a little dark, it’s got this section in it that’s really vibing and cool, I just love playing that song.”

“I think it’s one of those songs that feels really genuine and really real,” Hardee Brown says. “Just the fact that I was able to write a song that captures who I am as a songwriter and put it on an album like this means a lot to me.”

For her part, Hardee Brown returns the compliment by noting Brown’s buoyant “Southern Skies” as one of her personal favorites. “That song speaks a lot to where we are and how we grew up,” she says. “Plus it’s always fun to play live.”

Having made an album that sings of home, Matrimony are now poised for life on the road. This band of lovers and brothers are keen to bring the sublime songs and extraordinary character of “MONTIBELLO DRIVE” to the stage, where their camaraderie and connection come full to the fore.

“We just want to write great songs and we want to play,” Brown says. “It’s not about anything else. We love traveling together and hanging out, there’s no bigger dream for us than just being able to write great songs and play them as much as possible.”

“Me and my brothers, we always knew we wanted to be in a band together,” says Hardee Brown. “I guess it’s worked out. Everything just fell into place.”
Ancient Cities
Ancient Cities
ANCIENT CITIES includes members of Secondhand Stories, The New Familiars, and The Noises Ten. Ancient Cities debut Album to be released July 8th!

Formed by creative songster, DJ, and former actor Stephen Warwick, Ancient Cities melds well-crafted lyrics with synth-laden psychedelia and cinematic moodiness.
Warwick gained notoriety in 2010 with his folk inflected solo album Talking Machine, landing on Shuffle Magazine’s top 10 albums list that year, as well as receiving Critic’s Choice Award from Creative Loafing for best songwriter. More recently, songs from Talking Machine can be heard in the movie Wicked Blood (2014) starring Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine fame.

Seeking a new musical outlet, Warwick moved forward in 2014 with his new project Ancient Cities, enlisting musicians Justin Fedor of The New Familiars and Jonathan Erickson of the now defunct band The Noises 10 (Jive Records).

“Warwick's vocals hit a broad range behind his strong storytelling lyrics, while Fedor appears to enjoy the opportunity to sit back, fill in the low end and provide harmonies vs. his usual frantic-frontman-in-the-(New)Familiars gig.”

–Jeff Hahne (Creative Loafing)

In the short time of their life as a band they have found themselves sharing the bill with groups like The Naked & Famous, Of Montreal, The Whigs, Lost in the Trees, Daughn Gibson, Nicole Atkins, Jessica Lea Mayfield and more.
Reeve Coobs
Reeve Coobs
Reeve Coobs is a singer-songwriter from the Charlotte, NC area. She has been crafting songs now for over 16 years. Reeve's voice is "stop you in your tracks" good but the songs she writes are just as strong. Jeff Hahne of Creative Loafing Charlotte writes "Reeve Coobs has a vocal style that can be as easygoing as a comfortable chair one moment and as powerful as a tornado the next. She knows exactly how to express her thoughts and apply the perfect tone to give the words as much meaning as possible.” Reeve’s sophomore album, Me + You, is set to release on August 6, 2016. The mostly acoustic nature of this album gives spotlight to Reeve's amazing voice & thoughtful lyrics. She has crafted a true collection of quirky ballads all of which display her unique sound beautifully.

Reeve is the daughter of guitar-builder, Jack Coobs of Coobs Guitars. She spent many years touring up and down the south east with the all-gal band, The Near Misses. You can also hear Reeve’s voice on countless NC-made albums, as she has made quite a name for herself as a background singer. She is the Vocal Director for The Tosco Music Party’s Choir and in 2014 she joined Charlie King’s band as drummer/background vocalist. She joined Charlie on 3national tours. The trips spanned everywhere from NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall to Austin, TX’s Stubb’s. From Lucy Lawless’ odd-but-true Louisiana throw down, to a beautiful Indiana opera house with Over The Rhine.

The warm, hazy days of the pre-autumnal South provide the perfect setting for songwriting that reflects joy, heartbreak, redemption and loss in a way that is both universal, and deeply personal. On Reeve Coobs' first full-length studio recording, What Love Is All About, the tracks move from melancholia to sweetness to suppressed rage. The common thread running through the music is love, with its sometimes nearly unrecognizable incarnations.

What Love Is All About is eclectic yet cohesive. While Reeve's unique new sound doesn't stray too far from her original folksy-pop beginnings, it does represent a more rocking, mature incarnation of her music. She and producer Jeff Williams have created a soundscape of acoustic, and electric influences that feel familiar yet distinctly original. "Jeff has been such a huge part of my songwriting these past few years. He has really pushed me to be better and he's shown me how to mold a plain melody and lyrics into something interesting and beautiful. I feel like we share the same brain sometimes, he'll record a guitar part over one of my songs and I could swear it's exactly what was playing in my head while I was writing it."

Creative Loafing's Reader's Pick for Best Female Vocalist 2005
Creative Loafing's Reader's Pick for Best Best New Band 2005 (The Near Misses)
Creative Loafing's Reader's Pick for Best Band 2006 (The Near Misses)
Creative Loafing's Critic's Pick for Best Female Vocalist 2008 (The Near Misses)
Elonzo Wesley began in January 2015, shortly after the breakup of Charlotte NC’s Elonzo. After moving from Atlanta in the mid 2000’s, singer-songwriter Jeremy Davis (Elonzo Wesley) formed the indie rock band, naming it after his father. The band self-released three full length records and two EP’s, touring the Carolina’s and Southeast. By December of 2014, after slowly disbanding for some time, another chapter in this story began.

With 3 full length albums, hundreds of shows, and a few years under his belt, Jeremy Davis will continue to carry his father’s name as a moniker and guide. Elonzo Wesley, at it’s best is; the musical truth of the moment, combined with the beauty and sadness of what has passed.
“Let’s get together and make a damn mess.” That’s how Bill Reynolds describes being asked to work with Bassh, the new project started by Jimmy Brown and CJ Hardee of Matrimony. The Nashville-based team have created an unexpected, brooding new sound and indulge now in their debut video ‘Body’

Bassh recorded ‘Body’ and their forthcoming album in Reynolds’ Fleetwood Shack studio in Nashville, and they recorded it quickly. They did not consult outside sources as they recorded; they recorded the songs as they wanted to hear them.

“When we were recording” says Reynolds, who is also a member of Band of Horses as well as being a GRAMMY-nominated producer for artists including the Avett Brothers, Lissie, BoH and more. “we just kept pushing until we were laughing or someone in the room hated it. We didn’t think we were getting anywhere unless at least one person was feeling uncomfortable.”
Born of emotions as raw as waves crashing against a rocky shore, Evergone has a sound that cannot be denied!
It's Snakes
It's Snakes
North Carolina New Wave Hillbilly Dance Music from Hope Nicholls, Aaron Pitkin, Greg Walsh and Darrin "Darby" Gray. It's Snakes! It's Snakes! Yeah!
Māya Beth Atkins
Māya Beth Atkins
Sixteen year-old singer-songwriter Māya Beth Atkins grew up with a song on her lips and a guitar in her hand.
Venue Information:
Neighborhood Theatre
511 East 36th Street
Charlotte, NC, 28205