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Righteous Vendetta, Dark Sky Choir

Sun, September 10, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Neighborhood Theatre

Charlotte, NC

$15 adv/$20 dos

$3 Under 21 Surcharge at Door (Valid ID required for entry into venue. Under 18 permitted with parent.)

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The title of Adrenaline Mob’s second full-length album, Men of Honor [Century Media], represents the band’s collective philosophy. It’s a mindset of respect for both the hard rock genre and their diehard fan base. It also sets the tone for the quartet’s next chapter.

“My dad came up with the title, believe it or not,” admits lead guitarist Mike Orlando [Sonic Stomp] . “We were thinking about names for the record, and he said, ‘Why don’t you guys call it Uomini D’Onore [translation – Men of Honor]?’ I knew that was it. We’re tight like brothers. This is a musical gang. The message is to stand strong with Adrenaline Mob. Regardless of what’s changed, we are men of honor, and we will honor this entity until we die.”

The album remains emblematic of their steadfast adherence to the foundation laid on 2012’s critically acclaimed debut, Omertà, and the 2013 covers EP, Covertà. With veteran drummer A.J. Pero, now in the fold alongside bassist John Moyer [Disturbed], singer Russell Allen [Symphony X, Trans-Siberian Orchestra], and Orlando, the band lands a knockout punch through incendiary solos, unshakable guitar grooves, and crushingly catchy hooks. At the same time, the creative palette expands with acoustic guitars and magnetic melodies. It’s as dynamic as it is destructive.

Upon finishing a South American run with Halestorm in mid-2013, Orlando immediately retreated to his Sonic Stomp Studios to begin working on what would become the group’s second full-length album. Original drummer Mike Portnoy recently departed amicably after the tour citing scheduling conflicts, and the guitar player focused all of his energies on songwriting.

“I was dying to write,” he smiles. “I locked myself in my studio for three weeks and brought Russell 13 ideas afterwards. We had a really clear vision this time around. Omertà was material I had been working on for a long while. I knew exactly where the band had to go here. It came from playing live and seeing the reactions from the audience.

Everything we love to do musically is on this album. It’s real, heavy, and melodic hard rock.”

“We kept the integrity of what Adrenaline Mob sounds like, but we pushed the boundaries a little bit too,” continues Allen. “On this record, Mike and I strongly identified the sound of the band. It feels like it came together for real. This is us.”

That no-nonsense gusto courses through the propulsive “Feel the Adrenaline”. The song goes from zero-to-sixty in less than a second, coasting ahead at full speed on a pummeling riff, mind-blowing bass line, and Allen’s inimitable wail.

“It’s about a car, but it’s also about us,” Orlando explains. Are you feeling the Adrenaline we’re bringing you as a band? You can take it a few ways. There’s the double entendre of a beautiful girl and the car too. It’s whatever gets you revved up.”

“You could call that song ‘Adrenaline Mob’,” laughs Allen. “It’s a staple of the band’s heavy sound that mixes the classic vibe and newer elements. It’s a driving force. You crank it, and you go. It gets your blood pumping. We want everyone to be moved by it. It’s very basic, but it’s really powerful. We want listeners to take that ride with us.”
Album opener “Mob Is Back” channels an “Eruption”-style bombast with its grandiose shredding, while “House of Lies” captures an intense energy of its own. About the latter, Orlando goes on, “It’s high energy with a cool groove and sexy bass line. It’s about a strip club. You go into those places, and they’re houses of lies. Make me feel good. Lie to me honey!”

Elsewhere, the final word on “Fallin’ To Pieces” shows the more pensive and poetic side of the group punctuated by gentle acoustic strumming. “It’s different for us,” adds Orlando. “We got the chance to show everything that we can do.”

“I played Mike this idea on the acoustic,” says Allen. “We fed off of each other though. I wanted a ‘tell it like it is’ song. Everybody in New Jersey and Staten Island really suffered from Hurricane Sandy last year. Mike saw it firsthand. I wanted to reach those people with the song and speak to them in a way. That was the inspiration behind it. We all go through things that make you want to give up and lay down and die. You can’t though.”

Since first bursting on to the scene in 2011, Adrenaline Mob has also become an explosive live presence. Touring with everybody from Godsmack to Halestorm, they’ve continually left audiences begging for more worldwide.

Ultimately, they honor those crowds the most. “I want everyone who listens to this to feel psyched,” concludes Orlando. “I want them to get excited about watching us kick ass live. At the end of the day, we’re a live band. The album conveys that. I think it’s going to leave everybody with a variety of emotions, and there’s nothing better than getting a reaction.”

“This is a rock ‘n’ roll mafia,” Allen leaves off. “We’re here, and we mean business. Men of Honor is a stamp that says we honor this music, and we’re never going to betray it.”
Righteous Vendetta
Righteous Vendetta
RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA is ready for battle, driven by the fire of the classic New Wave Of American Metalcore movement, with a fresh melodic bent. They are primed to decimate the airwaves and the stage, with a unifying message of hope and inspiration, all delivered with smoldering intensity.

Arising from humble small town origins, Righteous Vendetta offer positivity and encouragement against adversity, with a sound of defiance and power.

The band’s new album for Century Media Records, Cursed, arrives after a long season of writing, rewriting, honing, shaping and refining. It was a process that resulted in a definitive mission statement for the quintet, laying the blueprint for the band’s evolving creative identity. Cursed was produced and mixed by Mitch Marlow (In This Moment, Stitched Up Heart).

They effortlessly combine the diverse melodic Swedish death metal of vintage In Flames with the spirit-filled pop-melodicism of Anberlin, easily appealing to fans who grew up listening to albums like The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage and Shadows Are Security by As I Lay Dying. There’s even a bit of the SoCal hardcore-meets-Pantera fury of Throwdown, not as much in overt sonic thunder as in energetic, steadfast perseverance.

This is a band that knows what it means to fight for everything they’ve got, to earn respect with integrity, to standup and be counted, to surpass and defy all expectations by delivering the goods on an awe-inspiring scale. This is metalcore for the underdog, a new collection of anthems for a generation hungry for music that’s authentic and pure. Righteous Vendetta is reverent to the greatest strengths of the scene’s past, yet equally forward-thinking.

Gestated in a small town in rural Wyoming (population: 3000), these five young men have beaten the odds against isolation, outside pressure, and the daily grind to conjure a ridiculously catchy and relentlessly fierce metalcore sound to rival the genre’s titans and light up the world’s stages.

“There was no music scene, really, which forced us to tour,” explains vocalist Ryan Hayes, who first formed Righteous Vendetta after discovering his college piano teacher could shred on guitar. “The closest ‘big’ market to us was Denver, which is about nine hours from where we live. By the time we were signed, we already had over a thousand tour dates under our belts. It really helped to shape us as musicians and who we are as a band.”

The lineup shifted a bit (“we’d have to find new members on YouTube or wherever else we could”) before it solidified as Hayes, guitarists Justin Olmstead and Carl Heiman, bassist Riley Haynie, and drummer Zack Goggins. After opening for Hatebreed, Righteous Vendetta caught the attention of Jamey Jasta, who encouraged them to explore more of the melodic side of their already crushingly heavy, breakdown-friendly music.

Songs like “The Fire Inside,” “With Love” and “What You’ve Done” helped grow the band’s fanbase, through hard-touring, social media, online videos, and a series of independent releases and material issued by Red Cord Records, with the 2014 Defiance EP cementing the group as a rising force.

The two years Righteous Vendetta spent crafting Cursed was time well spent. “We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to write ‘hits’ at one point,” the band’s frontman confesses. “If you get too much into that mentality, you can start to lose yourself. So as we made Cursed, we focused on what we were when we started: a metal band. And we wrote a metal album.”

Which isn’t to say the album is without hooks. “Doomed” is the heaviest song on the record (inspired by the classic video game, Doom), yet its chorus is unabashedly melodic. “The video game is about killing demons and ripping their faces off,” notes Hayes, with a laugh. “It’s a super metal game.” Lead single “Weight of the World” is a radio-ready banger, co-written by the group with Atreyu drummer/melodic vocalist Brandon Saller.

The band poured their frustrations into both “Weight of the World” and the album’s crushing title track, “Cursed,” taking the uncertainty and struggle of the long album making process and putting it to good use in an empowering way. There is plenty of darkness to be found all over Cursed, but it’s designed to work less as a burning poison and more as healing oil.

Cursed is the soundtrack to Righteous Vendetta’s overall mission statement. “We’ve always wanted to have a positive influence on people’s lives, but in a real way,” Hayes explains. “We want to connect with people, find common ground, and develop real relationships that aren’t superficial.

“There are some bands that are very manufactured. Everyone in our band is fully invested in our music,” he adds. “That passion comes out onstage and on the record. It’s something we strive to put across every single day.”
Dark Sky Choir
Dark Sky Choir
Dark Sky Choir is an original hard rock/metal band from NY/NJ. The band was originally formed by 4 veterans of the area music scene as a classic metal tribute band playing the music they all grew up listening to. Metal fans continued to flock to their area shows in large numbers and the conversation about writing their own music began almost immediately. Spurred by the soaring voice of vocalist/front man “Hollywood How", it was inevitable that “these guys have to do originals.” “Hollywood How” has spent many years on the local scene fronting various bands, most notably a Judas Priest tribute band, which showcased his stunning vocal range. Guitarist Fred Gorhau spent the last 7 years touring the USA and Canada with the holiday-themed progressive band The Wizards of Winter, playing alongside some of the original vocalists from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Fred has also toured the USA and Europe as guitarist for the metal band Exxplorer. Drummer Mike Sakowski has been a drum teacher and career drummer for the past few decades. He has performed the local scene with countless cover bands and also toured the US and Europe with metal band Exxplorer. Veteran bassist Joe Stabile has been a constant member of the NY/NJ scene with decades of experience performing with 80’s bands Monroe, Taylen Storm, hard rock outfit Lords of Mercy, countless national acts, and touring with veteran metallers Anvil.

Inspired by a lifetime love of metal, Dark Sky Choir brings years of live and recording experience to the table with their own brand of hard rock and metal. Their self-titled debut is due to be released in the spring/summer of 2017, and is sure to gain national attention on the metal scene.
Venue Information:
Neighborhood Theatre
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Charlotte, NC, 28205